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Basic Apple Jelly Recipe

This year the apples have been strange. We’ve had lots of cooking apples but (compared to last year) very few eaters. I failed to properly thin out the apples at the allotment so we’ve ended up with a lot of … Continue reading

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Courgette and Tomato Soup – helping to deal with two gluts

Whilst the courgette production is beginning to slow down with the weather turning autumnal, we still have a lot in the fridge. The tomatoes are also just beginning to be less productive, even so we are getting several kilos per … Continue reading

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Our sweetcorn are now cropping. Its a fantastic vegetable, very simple to grow and always tastier than the stuff you buy at the supermarket. This year for the first time we “chitted” the seed. Chitting means that we put the … Continue reading

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Allotment – The Glut Arrives

Its been a while since I posted anything here. All sorts of reasons. We’ve been away. The allotment needs more work. (Those are my excuses but many others will do). The allotment has continued to produce. Over the last few … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Soup & Bread

There’s not a lot nicer on a cold and snowy day than a bowl of homemade soup. Although I do think we have gone one better here by having homemade soup using (mainly) homegrown ingredients and accompanying it with homemade … Continue reading

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