Ducks on the Pond

At this time of year for the last three or four years, we’ve had a pair of Mallards visit our pond. Its obviously impossible to tell if its the same ducks each time (in fact last year we had two males chasing a single female) but they appear to be trolling around the local ponds. Why they do this I cannot say but perhaps its part of the paring activity in spring as the ducks work out who their mate is going to be for the year.

The male is obviously slightly aggressive as it came down to our lounge and attacked itself in the reflection in the sliding patio doors. Interestingly (and somewhat amusingly), it had spent a while posturing in front of the patio doors and then going around the side of the house to look for the “other male” and then coming back around to the front a little bemused.

Anyway, they eventually flew away, I expect they’ll be back tomorrow.

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