Harvest Trays & Potato Harvest

At this time of year, I begin to need storage trays for the harvest of potatoes, apples green tomatoes, etc.. I tend to use trays rather than hessian bags for the potato harvest because I find it is easier to keep a watch out for blight and other problems. Blight is an issue because there is always blight at the allotment and some of the potatoes always seem to be infected regardless of when they are picked.

Anyway, until now I’ve used the green trays that the supermarkets have their lettuces or melons delivered in but I guess they must have either found a different way of delivering such things or improved their recycling because there don’t seem to be any about this year.

For many years I’ve been thinking of investing in some wooden trays but buying them seems to be incredibly expensive and even buying the wood is not cheap for something that is just for storing potatoes and the like.

Then, watching a programme – Something for Nothing – I realised that I already had a supply of the right sort of wood in the shape of pallets that I used last year in my polytunnel as temporary benching. All I needed to do was to break them down and re-construct them as a storage tray. So I set to work with my trusty tools and hey presto after a couple of hours I had this:

A sturdy tray 70cm x 50cm perfect for storing my potatoes. They’ll stack up, aren’t heavy and are almost perfect for the job. I say almost because its a little bit wide to carry through doorways and (when full) quite heavy to carry around so the next ones I build will be the 50cm x 35cm so that they are more manoeuvrable. I’ll also put a couple of extra uprights in the big tray so that I can stack the smaller trays on to of the large one.

So there you are, a couple of hours work (most of it getting the pallet apart) and you have a perfectly workable storage tray.


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