Gooseberry “Harvest”

Today I picked the Gooseberry Harvest (such as it is). Neither the red nor the white have produced a significant crop (around about 1lb of each) which is barely worth the spiked hands and arms reaching into the bush. When you consider that last year we were giving them away, its a real disappointment (one of many this year).

I’ve also pruned the bushes back (new growth back to 5 leaves) and hope that next year sees a decent crop again.

I’ve also been summer pruning the cooking apple tree at home and thinning out the fruit so that we get bigger apples. I seems a little perverse to be picking off what look like perfect fruit but I’ve found that they keep better if they’re larger.

I should also do the same to the eater (Discovery) but I’m not sure if the “June Drop” is still to happen and I don’t want to take off the best apples only to find that the remaining fruit decide to drop off so I’ll give it another few days. I would like to prune the Discovery (its leaning over since we dropped the walnut tree on it when we took it down several years ago) but as a “tip-bearer”, I’m much less confident about pruning it and still getting a crop of apples. However, I’m going to have to get the pruning saw out over the winter to re-balance the tree before it pulls itself over.

Still no tomatoes 😦


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