Kerula Prawn Curry

This curry is one of our favourites, simple to make, tasty and easily enhanced. Its based upon this recipe from the BBC but we usually add some vegetables of our own and use our own chillies which makes for a challenge, knowing how strong the chillies are. We also don’t bother with corriander or the squeeze of lime to serve.

Every year, we grow a range of chillies,various Cayenne and Jalapeno varieties. These have significantly different levels of heat so we  usually use only one pepper in the paste and then add home dried chilli flakes if the dish needs extra heat.

So, we make the Prawn Curry accoring to the recipe having started the rice at the same time. To cook Basmati rice, our recipe goes a bit like this:

Rinse Two ounces of Basmati rice through a couple of times and then put the rice in a pan. Add one and a half times as much boiling water and simmer it gently uncovered until there is only a very small amount of water visible in the bottom of the pan. Then put the lid on and heat the rice rapidly until steam comes out from the pan. At this point, take the rice off the heat and leave it until you want to eat it.

We served with Swiss Chard from the allotment (one of the few vegetables that are available at this time of year) which we saute gently. We take out the main stalk and wash the chard thoughly and slice it relatively thinly. Then cook it in a frying pan using the water that’s on the leaves, adding butter and freshly ground black pepper just at the end.
For desert, we had rhubarb (fresh from the garden) and cream. The rhubarb we cook in the oven sweetened with honey and cooked until its just soft but still whole. Fresh rhubarb is supberb at this time of year and deserves to be given pride of place in a desert.


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