Sowing Pepper Seeds

Having promised myself that I wouldn’t grow as much this year, I decided that I would sow my pepper seeds today and put them up in a warm place to get germinated, then they can go outside in the “greenhouse in a greenhouse” to get the light once they’ve started.

So “fewer varieties” it was to be. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and I sowed six or seven seeds each of 15 different varieties, some of which were bought seeds, others were seeds saved from plants grown in previous years. So I’ve got eight different varieties of hot peppers (various degrees of heat, three are Jalapeno and two are cayenne) and seven different sweet peppers. My plan will be to grow one plant of each of the varieties that grow the strongest. Past experience shows that the various hot varieties will give us more than we know what to do with but the sweet varieties will only give three or four peppers each.

The peppers are up above the boiler in the kitchen and will germinate in a few days.

Excess plants will get given away or add to the compost in due course.


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