Yes, I want a receipt!

I like Contactless. Its a simple way of paying, clean, simple, saves carrying cash and, recently, has become more commonly available around the UK.

HOWEVER, the system has been modified and is slightly broken. When using chip & pin, you get two receipts, one from the till and one from the payment machine. This means you’ve got one recipt for the item and one receipt to check your credit card bill. With contactless, the payment machine doesn’t give a receipt so you don’t have a receipt to check against you credit card bill and to check against your credit card limit.

You spend your money at the National Trust and they apologise – “Sorry, there’s only one receipt, do you want it in the bag?”. At Smith’s “Do you want a receipt with that?”, “Of course I do.”. It gets worse, there you are in McDonalds having spent your £19.50 they shove the tray across at you. “Can I have a receipt please?”, you ask. The response is a shrug of the shoulders and “huh” whilst they go back to the till, punch a lot of buttons and disappear around the back, reappearing with a scruffy piece of paper that they pass across to you without looking at you.

Contactless isn’t cash. You need the paper trail to keep control of your finances. That paper trail is being short circuited by the changes introduced as part of contactless, so I’m going to have to stop using it.

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