Starting to feed the birds

Whilst I realise that one is supposed to feed the wildbirds all year round, our garden provides lots of seeds and insects for the birds to survive during the summer and the pond provides them with a place to drink and lots of other benefits. So, we tend to stop feeding them during the summer and start feeding them again about now.

So yesterday I went out and filled up the various seed baskets with black sunflower seeds (we’ve worked out over the years that this seems to be both their favourite food and one that survives the rain without becoming a soggy mess).

The result has been a significant increase in the number of small birds zipping around the garden. Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits as one would expect but also Nuthatches and Treecreepers. This is as well as the Jays (who are after the acorns from the oak trees and apples off our trees), Magpies and lots of Pigeons.

I presume that it will settle down in a bit and we’ll be used to the birds dashing around but at the moment it makes the garden a bit more lively.

The squirrel has found the seeds I dropped when filling the seedbaskets and is now sitting on the top of the birdbox trying to work out whether it has the nerve to jump down and get the seeds. I presume its not the same one as was jumping last year (I don’t think that grey squirrels live that long) but he’s certainly behaving in much the same way.

Well, winter is coming and we’ll see how the birds manage.


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