Tomato, Sweetcorn and Bacon Soup

At this time of year, we always get more stuff from the allotment than we know what to do with. We give as much as we can to our children but they all live miles away so it doesn’t work that easily.

This year has been even worse (if you can call it that) than previous years. The fruit, raspberries in particular, have done extremely well and so the freezers are full to bursting with fruit to be eaten and turned into jam during the year. We are essentially “raspberried out”. We have picked enough autumn fruited raspberries that we have eaten raspberries and cream almost every night for the last two months and at the same time, the apples are ready and the sweetcorn and tomatoes need preserving or eating somehow.

So, a recipe that uses tomatoes and sweetcorn kernels and makes a nice soup is a start.

To make four servings you need:

  • An onion;
  • A clove of garlic;
  • 100g bacon;
  • 400-500g tomatoes – preferably skinned;
  • Sweetcorn kernels from three cobs;
  • A red seeded red chilli (or with the seeds if you like it spicy);
  • 750ml chicken stock.

To garnish

  • Fresh corriander;
  • Lime juice.

Chop the onion, garlic and bacon finley (we used a food processor) and cook them in a saucepan with some oil over a gentle heat until they are soft.

At the same time strip the kernels off the sweetcorn cobs. The best way we find to do this is to strip out a line of kernels with a knife and then use your thumb to press the next row of kernels into the gap. If the corn is ripe they will come out whole.

Chop the tomatoes and chilli in the food processor then add them to the onions and bacon and cook for a further two to three minutes.

Then add the stock, bring it back to the boil and then add the corn kernels cooking for a further six to eight minutes until the sweetcorn is soft.

That’s it.

Ladle into bowls, add a little corriander and a teaspoon of limejuice. We add the corriander and limejuice at the end because this recipe makes four servings which last us two days so the left overs from the first day go into the fridge to get reheated on the second, adding the corriander and lime when its hot.


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