Last Cucumber of the Year

Its always a sad time of the year when we pick our last cucumber. Its a sign that summer is over and winter’s about to begin. Most of the other fruit is going through the “season of mellow fruitfulness” but cucmbers seem to go from fruiting well to dying-off over only a couple of weeks. So, we’re back to shop-bought cucmbers again I’m afraid. Home grown cucumbers are one of the delights of the summer, they have a crispness and depth of flavour completely absent from standardised straight shop-bought ones and they’re almost worth heating a greenhouse for (although light would be as big a problem) to grow them throughout the year.

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  1. pudbakes says:

    I have one very teeny one still growing in the garden, that and the rest of my tomatoes and peppers may have to be picked this week though, its getting quite chilly!

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