Yet more weeding

There’s been a little bit of an hiatus at the allotment since I posted last week. Essentially, all the beds that I can get to are prepared and I’m waiting for the weather to get warmer before I plant more stuff.

So its really been a time of weeding (still trying to get all of the weeds out of the summer raspberries) and sowing at home to get the plants the right size so that when the frosts are over, they can go into the ground as quickly as possible. So this week we:

  • Chitted and potted the sweetcorn (I chit the sweetcorn by putting them in a small tray which has damp kitchen paper at the bottom so that I only have to sow those which show signs of growth, rather than putting two seeds to a pot). It takes about 3 days for them to form roots then they get potted up;
  • Potted up the basil that was sown a couple of weeks ago (individual plants in 7cm pots will be planted into the greenhouse with the tomatoes);
  • Potted up the callaloo (something very new for us);
  • Sowed the carrots (the root vegetable bed is now full and my plan is to sow parsnips at home rather than at the allotment);
  • Netted the peas to stop the pigeons. I’m not sure if its pigeons eating the leaves of the peas or whether its pea weevil. I suspect the latter because the peas have neat semi-circles cut around the edges of the leaves and I think pigeons would just pull up the plants. The next lot of peas are still in pots and my plan is to let them grow larger before taking them to the allotment so that hopefully they will stand a better chance; and
  • Weeding. I feel that I’ve spent hours digging out dandelions and couch grass and it doesn’t feel to be making much difference (except filling the compost heap with weeds).
  • Picking purple sprouting broccoli. This is always the first of the vegetables (or perhaps the last of the previous year) and its always good to have something fresh.

Anyway, there are signs of new life, the strawberries are beginning to flower and the apple blossom isn’t far away. Hoeing between all the established plants and feeding the garlic is the order of the day.

On the tomato front, all of the plants are looking well. There seems to be little or no difference between those which I carried in and out of the greenhouse and those which I left to their own devices. I will have to pot them up into larger pots soon so that they can have a bit more space to grow before I’ll plant them out in the greenhouse in the middle of May. Follow this link to see what we’re growing.

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