The end of the first Sunny Week of Spring?

This week has been very productive at the allotment. Warm and sunny (until now when its windy and raining which is why I’ve come home from the allotment). So this week I’ve:

  • Dug over three of the allotment beds;
  • Sowed and Planted Peas (I planted the peas I had sown in the greenhouse back in March and sowed more peas underneath them as I planted them to try and get multiple crops from one space);
  • Planted out Broad Beans that I had sown in pots in March to replace the ones that had failed to survive the winter (all of them);
  • Planted Lettuces around the edges of the beds;
  • Sowed Beetroot, Turnips & Radishes;
  • Planted 1st & 2nd Early Potatoes (all the potatoes I plan to grow this year);
  • Planted out my new strawberries left over from last year (I now have two beds of strawberries which I hope will produce more than we can eat);
  • Picked Swiss Chard and Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

At the same time, I’ve sowed parsley, beetroot, swiss chard, dwarf french beans, lettuce and more peas in the greenhouse to develop a succession of seeds and been out and bought brassicas. (Every year I try to grow my own cabbages and broccoli but for some reason I fail 50% of the time so, whilst I try to grow some of my own, I rely on bought plants – Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Red Cabbage, Round Cabbage and Pointed Cabbage).

The soil at the allotment is very heavy clay (I’ve probably said this before) and digging it over is hard work. Its still at the point where the top couple of inches is acceptable but the rest going downwards is like pudding, heavy and sticky. Worse still it doesn’t break up when you dig it to the surface but then sets like rock if it dries out. Not the most conducive to easy gardening. However, it does produce good cabbages but its no good for cauliflowers.

I’m going to have to go and keep weeding the summer raspberry canes, there’s a good crop of dandelions between the canes and nothing I seem to be able to do gets rid of them. The apple trees look like they’re going to have a good crop of blossom (both at the allotment and at home) and hopefully, that will translate into a good crop of apples – my only concern is that the cooker at home seems to be a bit late in blossoming and in previous years when this happens the bullfinches have a field day.

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