Frogs (or just a little frogspawn)

Every year at about this time, I keep looking in our pond for the frogs and frogspawn. It usually arrives on or around the 18th preceded by lots of activity around the pond as the frogs get up to their usual tricks.

Last year we didn’t net the pond and, whilst we had frogspawn, we also had herons, crows and other animals who had a field day eating the frogs and spawn. As a result we had no tadpoles or froglets in the pond at all last year. (The reason we didn’t net the pond was because the previous year, we had managed to trap and drown a hedgehog which was annoying and disappointing as we rarely get to see hedgehogs in the garden).

This year we arranged the netting “better” its higher off the ground and with space around it that allows most of the smaller birds to get underneath but seems to be stopping the herons and the crows. (The heron is prowling around but I haven’t seen it catch anything yet).

However, whereas we usually get large masses of frogspawn and lots of frogs, I’ve not seen a single frog and there is only one small mass of frogspawn. I hope its because its still a little cold and that they will come in the next few days but I’m worried that the truth is that frogs, like so much of our wildlife, is being badly affected by human activity.

Still there’s not a lot can be done other than hope, help and encourage.


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