Living Salad Lettuces, Parsnips


At this time of year, its hard to keep the fingers under control. I desperately want to sow something ready for the new year but know that doing anything (except chilli peppers) is a waste of time. However, I have found a partial solution. I buy a pack of living salad from the supermarket (about £1) and break it up into individual plants and plant them in the borders in the polytunnel. What I’ve found is that usually about half of the plants survive the brutal treatment and give me a picking of lettuce in a few weeks. Watering them and keeping the slugs at bay (and the greenfly) satisfies the need to be doing something whilst the weather really isn’t fit.

I usually complain bitterly about my parsnips. They are usually dumpy and forked. However, todays crop included one that exceeded my usual expectations.


As you can see, one is what I usually expect, 4 inches long with a reasonable crop but forked but the other was the same size at the top but over a foot long and a decent amount of parsnip all the way down. Why? Who knows but none the less very worthwhile.😀

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