The Daredevil Squirrel is back!

Now that winter has started, we’ve been filling up the seed baskets again. Lots & lots of activity. Bluetits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Goldfinches and Nuthatches zipping back and forth. The baskets need re-filling every other day.

Over the weekend, we decided that we should also fill the nutbasket to encourage the woodpeckers (we haven’t seen them for a while).

So today, there I was sitting having a cup of coffee, watching the birds than who should turn up but my enemy the grey squirrel (for our history see here).

Now, whether its the same one as before or another one who is learning the tricks of the trade I don’t know but he’s been giving the nut/seed basket a good seeing over.

Up on top of the birdbox tail twitching, head nodding trying to luck up the courage to jump; along the branch to where the wires join to look at sliding down to the baskets; down to the ground for look from below; into the bay tree (much to far away but upsetting for the wrens); but finally disappearing off somewhere without success.

I predict that sometime over the next few days the number of nuts in the basket will suddenly reduce as he (or she) plucks up the courage to get there somehow and the battle will start again.

My plan this year is to film him trying. I bought a Raspberry Pi and camera module (for those of you who don’t know what it is, its a credit-card sized computer) and my plan is to set it running either with motion detection software focussed on the birdbox and/or with time-elapsed photography to catch him jumping from the tree or whatever. That’s my aim anyway – first I have to get to grips with it. I’ve managed to find some motion detection software (a sort of security camera) and I’ve found some that allows me to upload files to DropBox. “All” I have to do now is to join them together so that I can take some pictures (I have a feeling its easier said than done but nonetheless a fun winter project).


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