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Spicy Tomato Ketchup Recipe

Despite the fact that it doesn’t look as though we are going to get as many tomatoes by the end of the year as last year, at the moment we are ahead and last weeks 11.5 kilos of tomatoes means … Continue reading

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Basic Apple Jelly Recipe

This year the apples have been strange. We’ve had lots of cooking apples but (compared to last year) very few eaters. I failed to properly thin out the apples at the allotment so we’ve ended up with a lot of … Continue reading

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Spicy Courgette Chutney Recipe

Now is the ideal time to be making chutneys. The apples, tomatoes, onions, chilli peppers and courgettes are at their peak all together and there’s probably more than you can eat of each. This is a recipe that we’ve used … Continue reading

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