Allotment crop – 12th July

We’re visiting the allotment every other day now. I find that this means that I don’t pick the fruit and vegetables before they’re ripe. In the past, by going every day, we’ve ended up picking things before they’re fully ripe which is a “bad thing”.

The main crops of the week have been: the continuing glut of raspberries (we’re picking about 5lbs every other day of really ripe fruit), Green and Red Gooseberries, mangetout peas (enough for a meal for two every other day), peas (not so many but enough for a meal every week), courgettes, blackberries, lettuces, cucumbers, french beans, our first tomatoes and a few blackcurrants.

There would be other things (swiss chard & potatoes spring to mind) but we can’t eat all that we are cropping anyway so (as every year) some things have to go to waste.

The broccoli looks like it is starting its second crop. We’ve grown a variety that has a major head and then looks like it will grow a small quantity of additional sideshoots. This is different to last year when we grew a “slender stem” variety which cropped a continuous supply of small heads over a long period of time. I think those are better, what we want is a continuous supply of a small quantity of fruit and vegetables.

The apple trees are going through their “June Drop” a bit later than normal. I don’t know what varieties we’ve got but the two cookers look like they’re going to have a good crop of apples but the eaters don’t look as heavily laden as last year. However, we’ve got another six weeks or so to go before they’ll be ready to pick.

Our difficulty (as ever) is that we don’t need a lot of fruit or vegetables to generate a glut and storing the excess means we end up with a freezer full of fruit and vegetables in late July/August and we don’t know what to do with it all.

The tomatoes look like we will get even more than we had last year (assuming that we don’t get blight or other problems).

Onwards and upwards


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All the best



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