Mayflies at the Derwent River in North Yorkshire – Malton

At the weekend we went to North Yorkshire to visit our family and go to the Malton Food Festival. This was excellent with lots of streetfood opportunities. The only problem I had was, being wheat free, there aren’t many “things in a bun” I can eat confidently.

However, that wasn’t the point of this blog entry.

Whilst we were there, on the Monday we went for a wander looking for Elderflowers. As we wandered along the river, we were lucky enough to see the Mayflies hatching from the river. I think that there were millions of them (although my better half says hundreds). As usual, I had my trusty “point and shoot” camera with me and was able to get a few pictures

I have no idea what sort of Mayflies they are but they were pretty impressive flying up and then drifting back down in (what I think) was their millions.

Reading around the web, it seems that we were really lucky as the Mayflies only appear for a few days and it seems that this year they were earlier than 2013.

As well as the pictures, my camera takes videos (don’t they all) and to give you a better impression, click here and there is a link to a short video (sorry about the quality, the autofocus doesn’t always focus well).

I really enjoy going out into the countryside to see what’s happening.


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