Sad demise of the Bluetits

Only a couple of days after filming the bluetits dashing in and out of their box and hearing the young beginning to make enough noise to show signs of promise, its sad to have to announce that the parent birds have both disappeared and all signs of activity around the nestbox have ceased. In addition, we’ve noticed flies going in and out of the box which I think means that the young have also died.

In previous years we have noticed the birds fledging around this time so it is possible that the birds have gone without letting us see them go but we don’t think that is the case as when I filmed them a couple of days ago, there was no sign of young up at the entrance.

But let’s complete the story. The first signs of possible problems were when we noticed a Jay flying away with what looked like a fully grown Bluetit in its beak going off towards its nest. Well, the Jay’s young have to be fed so I suppose we shouldn’t be too sad.

However, today I noticed a small pile of blue and yellow feathers on the lawn and so it seemed fairly obvious that another tit had been eaten, probably by a cat. We have about six cats who frequent our garden (none of them ours) and cats are well known for decimating the bird population (and are therefore not popular with us).

Ah well, no young bluetits this year. I’ll have to get up and clear out the nestbox later in the season but don’t want to do it with the possibility of dead birds at the moment.

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