Daredevil Squirrel, the saga continues

Last time I wrote about our squirrel, it was in amazement at the fact that he was jumping from the birdbox to the seeds & nuts, a distance of some 15 feet or more.

Well, the saga continues.

If you look at the picture I put in the last post, you will see the nutbasket (with a sliding cover) and a seed basket. So what the squirrel was doing was:

  1. Jumping from the birdbox;
  2. Shimmying down the wire to the seeds;
  3. Scoffing the seeds or moving to the nuts until we scared him away.

OK, now we’ve changed the target. What you will see in this picture is two changes.

  1. A new seed container (with a sliding cover like the nuts); and
  2. The nut container with no nuts.

Nuts & Seeds

The reason will become apparent shortly.

Having got fed up with him eating all the seeds, we went to the garden centre to see if there was a solution. They had a seed container with a sliding cover so we thought “hey presto, that’ll work”.

After going back to the garden centre to get the bits that were missing from the box, we put up the new seed container, filled it up with seed and sat back and waited.

Almost immediately, the squirrel arrived, paused on top of the birdbox and then leapt down onto the seeds and nuts. A brief pause and he slid down onto the seeds. Much to his disgust, the sliding cover hid the seeds and he fell off.

Success we thought. But, the squirrel went back up to the birdbox and repeated his manoeuvres. This time however, instead of falling off, he reached across to the nuts and proceeded to eat them.

Failure! But we removed the nutbasket and sat back to watch again. He didn’t come back that day, but the following day. He repeated his activities, slid down the seeds and hung on to the bird rests you can see at the bottom of the seedbasket. The cover duly shot up on its spring and he was able to get his seeds.

COMPLETE FAILURE. Back to the drawing board.

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