Our Trip to Canada – Vancouver Island

We have family in Vancouver and have been to visit a couple of times. This year we decided to go in March for a couple of weeks. An enjoyable time was had by all.

The bit I’m going to go on about was our time on Vancouver Island. We’d hired a cabin on the beach front at Tofino (a mere 6 hour drive and ferry trip from Vancouver where we were staying). On the way we sampled the Canadian National dish (Poutine which to you and I would be Chips and Gravy with Cheese) for lunch and arrived at the Mackenzie Beach Resort to find we were right on the beachfront and it was raining. However, one thing they say in Western Canada is “if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes” and true enough, the weather cycled regularly from pouring with rain to bright sunshine throughout our stay and, although there were plenty of people surfing in the waves, we never ventured into the sea making use of the pool at the resort instead. (BTW whilst the cabins were fine, I would recommend that if you have an RV, there are lots of other sites that you might like to try).

There were lots of things to see in and around Tofino, lots of wildlife (Bald Eagles aplenty, various sea ducks, etc.). Long Beach was interesting, the quantity of large lumps of lumber piled up on the beach highlighted just how much timber is cut and exported from British Columbia.

Tofino itself is the end of the road (literally) but it had enough restaurants and shops to meet our needs and the Sea Shanty restaurant needs special mention as it was able to deal with our group (small children and all) relatively well and on our way out, we saw this heron hunting off the beach.

Our journey back from Tofino to Vancouver was broken at Cathedral Grove where there were some very big trees and a shrew wandering in the path, oblivious to all.

Finally, around Vancouver itself as well as going to the Aquarium and Science World, on our penultimate day, we went to Lighthouse Park and had a pleasant walk, spotting various woodpeckers and sea birds as we wandered along.

All in all a wonderful time was had by all.


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