A day on the Beach at Scarborough

Panorama of the Beach at Scarborough in January

Panorama of the Beach at Scarborough in January

This weekend we decided to make a trip to see our daughter and family in North Yorkshire. We took advantage of the weather to go for a long walk on the beach at Scarborough. It was windy and cold but not raining so we wandered along the waters edge with our grandson dashing in and out of the waves (how do young children seem to keep warm regardless?).

I took this panoramic view (I’ve worked out how to make my camera join individual pictures together to create big pictures like this).

In addition, whether it was because of the weather we’ve been having recently or just because it was cold and wet, there was quite a collection of things washed up on the beach, mainly shells and jellyfish but we also saw a flatfish (which I didn’t photograph before it was encouraged back into the sea) and this Cukoo Ray, something I’d never seen before so I thought I’d add it to the list of things seen on our wanderings.

Its not very clear because it was under the water at the time and we were digging a trench to encourage it back to the sea.

Cuckoo Ray

Cuckoo Ray

According to what I’ve found out by reading on the web it’s found around the coasts of the UK, but not a very common thing to find washed up on the beach.

Anyway, another fun day had by all.


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