How do you stop Squirrels?

We like to feed the birds in the winter and have a number of seed and nut baskets around the garden. These two give us a problem – squirrels! The nut basket attracts the woodpeckers and we regularly see them there. However, in 2013 one of the squirrels in the garden (or “tree rats” as they should be called) has learned how to get onto the nuts and eat more than the woodpeckers and other birds.

The baskets are suspended on a pair of long wires from a branch in the oak tree.

The first thing he did was to shimmy headfirst down the wire, grabbing hold of the nut basket as he shot past. Solution one was to put an upside down pot above the nuts which stopped him for a while. However, after a few weeks he learned that if he came down the wire, he could sit on top of the pot and reach around.

Solution two was to put another pot on top of the first pot to make the distance longer. This worked again for a couple of weeks at which point he found that by stretching even further around the pot, he could still reach.

Solution three was to turn the top pot upside down so that he wouldn’t be able to reach as easily (or so we thought). No problem. He now leaps from a branch in the tree into the pot and then proceeds to climb over the pot to reach the nut basket. If you look at the pictures, you can just see his tail as he flies headfirst into the pot.

Solution four is yet to be determined 😦




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