Nunnington Hall

Over the weekend we went out to Nunnington Hall a National Trust property in North Yorkshire.

Its a lovely property, full of interesting rooms, helpful guides and a fun garden where they had created a search route which entertained our grandson as we walked around.

From my perspective, the best bits were:

  • the display of Axel Scheffler’s pictures. He’s the illustrator of the Gruffalo and other Julia Donaldson books and its absolutely wonderful how the combined imaginations of these people can create amazing books which children really love; and
  • watching the trout swimming in the river Rye and jumping to catch the flies.

I tried hard to get a photograph of a fish leaping, but all I managed to get were the ripples  as they had splashed back into the water, I guess the only solution would have been to have a really good video camera and to have taken long sequences to edit down. However, my little point and shoot isn’t good enough to do that.

We took up with us a load of vegetables from the allotment (the courgettes have done really well this year) and the tomatoes from my grandson’s plants. They’ve moved this summer and he wasn’t able to take his tomatoes with him, but he did take his pepper plant and proudly showed me the peppers that are growing on it. Its a Sweet Banana and there are lots of peppers ripening on the plant, changing from yellowy green to red as the get fully ripe.

I’d also picked loads of tomatoes before we went, both from his plants and from ours so they are now laden with new tomatoes which will either have to be eaten or processed soon.

Sweet Banana Pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper


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