Allotment – The Glut Arrives

Its been a while since I posted anything here. All sorts of reasons. We’ve been away. The allotment needs more work. (Those are my excuses but many others will do).

The allotment has continued to produce. Over the last few weeks we’ve had:

  1. Lots of Strawberries – but they’re finished now;
  2. Lots of Redcurrants – also finished
  3. Peas – Mangetout and ordinary;
  4. Lots of Lettuce – Have to remember to keep sowing more;
  5. Radishes – Its been a good year this year, they don’t seem to have gone woody too quickly;
  6. Broccoli – Slender stem came first and then the standard type;
  7. Cauliflowers – 10 small heads – we learned from previous experience to pick them as soon as they were ready otherwise the slugs get them;
  8. Broad Beans – whilst the overwintered ones failed, the early sown and later sown varieties seem to have done OK;
  9. French Beans – First crop this week – a generous double handful – more to come;
  10. Courgettes – More than we know what to do with;
  11. Cabbages – Again more than we can handle;
  12. Garlic – picked it all to avoid whiterot. Its drying out in the greenhouse at the moment and we’ll string up most of it and freeze some to deal with the gap in February when fresh garlic starts to shoot. We’ve go quite a lot left over from last year so we might not grow much next year;
  13. Raspberries – Picked the first sensible batch yesterday (2kgs) I think that they’re a bit dry this year they don’t taste as nice as I seem to remember but there look to be a lot more fruit than previous years;
  14. Beetroot – The first batch are through and eaten, more coming. They have grown much better when they’ve been grown in pots and then transplanted rather than sown in situ, I think I sow them too thickly;
  15. Potatoes – we’ve picked the first potatoes (they’re always the best) but I think as usual, I’ve grown more than we will be able to eat.

Failures are:

  1. Turnips – I sowed them too thickly and they all went to flower;
  2. Carrots – the ground is really too hard for them to grow sensibly – we’ve got clay which set like rock in the dry.

Yet to come:

  1. Sweetcorn – lots looking like it will do well but one variety looks really weedy

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