Beginning to crop at the allotment


Whilst everything seems late this year, the crops are beginning to come in. Here is a picture of the first of the red currants (its a child’s hand so they are redcurrant sized and not gooseberry sized). We’ve had a similar number of strawberries (they’re large and sweet) but the glut has yet to come.

The one thing that is doing very well is slender-stem broccoli. I’ve not grown it before and the 10 plants (admittedly from a garden centre) which I planted out at the end of April are now producing as much as we can eat. Each plant has seven or eight six inch shoots. Three or four shoots are a decent serving so that defines what vegetable we are eating at the moment. The problem is (of course) that everything is beginning to crop. Yesterday I picked:

  • 3 small courgettes;
  • 8 pods of broad beans;
  • 3 lettuces;
  • 3 bunches of radishes;
  • a large bag of swiss chard; and
  • 4 large strawberries

The mange tout peas are also cropping and we could have had some wet garlic but hadn’t worked out what we would eat it with. The swiss chard was a combination of the last of the plants from last year and the first pickings from this years sowings. Swiss Chard is a worthwhile plant to grow it seems to produce something most of the year and doesn’t need a lot of looking after. I grow “Leaf Beet Bright Lights” which means you get multiple colours which look nice in salads.

Today my daughter went and as well as the red currants they picked: a cabbage; some strawberries; some swiss chard; a lettuce; some radishes.

Whilst I was there I had a search over my cabbages and found this leaf with loads of cabbage white caterpillars. Fortunately they had decided to concentrate on just one plant so I picked off the leaf and then squashed any other caterpillars I could find. Lucky – they could have destroyed the whole plant and others.



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