Early June – Bright Sunshine and lovely weather

June arrives with brilliant weather and we’ve spent several hours in the garden.

While I was planting my tomatoes (go to our websiteblog to see more about this) the better half decided that now was the right time to have a go at weeding and starting to clear out the pond. Despite covering the pond every year to try and stop the leaves falling in, it seems that the pond is developing lots of gunge at the bottom. However, trying to clean it out now doesn’t seem to be right, not only did she cause a terrific smell, but also the tadpoles, newtpoles and toadpoles got upset. So she stopped, but not before finding these beasts (she caught three). It seems that they are Diving Beetle Larvae and are said to be voracious, something which appeared to be true as she caught one of them in the process of eating a tadpole. If she could catch three easily, I presume that there must be many of them which doesn’t bode well for our population of frogs, newts and toads. Looks like we will need to clear out the pond – but later in the year when everything has had chance to emerge and go away.

The other interesting thing that we found was a Wren’s nest. It was on the ground just behind some weeds that needed clearing away. One egg looked like it had hatched but the others were still there. I don’t know whether it was us that scared the mother away or whether it was gone anyway but I’ve never seen one before in the garden (although we have seen wrens about).

And finally our usual collection of flowers. Spring is the best time in our garden, we’re on the edge of a copse of trees and later on in the summer the ground usually gets very dry so the flowers don’t do so well. However, at the moment we have a really colourful selection.

For whatever reason, comfrey only grows in a small crack in the pavement between the greenhouses. We’ve tried to grow it elsewhere in the garden but it won’t set. We’re going to have to chop it down and put it in the compost heap because its so large.


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