Mid-May – Apple Blossom at last

Everything has been late this year, but the good news is that it seems that everything is rushing to catch up and we are seeing flowers and fruit bushes together that we would normally expect to see weeks apart. Typical of this is our Apple trees. We’ve got five trees altogether, an eater and a cooker at the allotment and in the garden and a crab apple in the garden. We would usually expect them to be in blossom between the middle of April and the middle of May but this year they’re all in blossom at the same time giving a beautiful range of colours.

The main eater in the garden (which I think is a Discovery but I don’t really know) has really tasty pink tinged red fruit towards the end of August. Last year, despite the bad weather, it cropped really well from an early flowering. This year, we have even more blossom than last year and, assuming that there are enough insects to pollenate it all, I have a feeling that the tree is going to be heavy with fruit. (We can only hope!!).

The same is true at the allotment where the eater (an old red-skinned variety with a slightly greenish flesh) produced a reasonable crop last year after a poor crop in 2011. However, this year there is even more blossom and we can hope for yet more fruit. Last year, we learned to wait (and wait and wait) and picked the fruit just before (or even after) it fell from the tree. The results were that the crops of apples from all trees kept much longer and fresher than has happened before and we were eating our own apples until February with very few of them going off. I can only hope that it happens again this year.

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