Beginnings of Life at the allotment

Whilst everything seems late this year, there are at last signs of production at the allotment.

We’ve got the first flowers on the strawberries, the blossom on the apple trees is beginning to show (and at home as well) and the seeds we sowed in the middle of April have germinated.

There are 11 beds on the allotment and we sowed the root crops in bed-2 and we’ve got carrots (Early Nantes and Autumn King); beetroot (boltardy); swiss chard (bright lights); parsnip (tender and true) and turnip (purple top milan) all germinated and showing their heads above the ground.

We’ve also planted up our onions (we only grow about 50 onions of different sorts, its sometimes easier just to buy them); Maincrop and Early Main potatoes (10 tubers each of seven different varieties); two rows of peas; some broad beans and finally the first of the french beans put in the ground (its probably too early but …  seeds are cheap).

The courgette plants are growing strongly in the greenhouse (in my usual way, I’ve probably done far to many) and this year I’ve planned to grow around 100 sweetcorn in three blocks of different types of corn. Two thirds are now growing on in the greenhouse and I chitted the last lot of seeds today. Based upon previous experience, these will need to be put into pots at the weekend or very early next week.

We’ve also potted up our tomatoes into 9cm pots, ready to go into the ground and growbags when they show their first flowers.

Despite the late spring, everything seems to be dashing to catch up and it won’t be long before we’ll have forgotten how bad it was and be complaining about the weeds.

There’s not much to eat yet from the allotment but we’ve had rhubarb and swiss chard. The rhubarb has done well this year (but the gooseberries don’t look so hopeful I think I must have pruned them wrongly). The garlic is swelling (soon be able to have some green garlic) and the spring cabbage are beginning to heart up. Finally the broad beans that I put in at the beginning of March have got flowers on them so they will soon give us a few beans.

All is well with the world of the allotment.

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