Spring is Springing – Mallards

The last few days have seen the weather improve dramatically. Its still cold at night but the daytime temperatures have “soared” into low double figures (tongue in cheek). However, the bright sunshine has meant that the temperatures in the greenhouse and polytunnel have risen to 30C and more which has helped the seeds to germinate.

As a result the amount of wildlife in the garden has increased. We’ve seen a number of butterflies (Brimstone & Peacock) but they’ve dashed through the garden too quickly to photograph. There are some goldfish in the pond (but still no frogs)

However, this pair of mallards did sit around long enough for me to get some photos (sorry about the wires across the pond, its to discourage the herons which take the fish and frogs) and they’ve come back on a couple of days, wandering around the garden and over the fence to next doors pond as well.

I don’t mind them at the moment, they might eat some slugs and things but if we do get any frogspawn I’m going to have to frighten them away as they eat the frogspawn and I’d rather have the frogs.


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