Spring and Winter Birds in our Garden

The weather today continued to be “interesting” for late March. Overnight temperatures of-2C or -3C meant that the snow that fell on Friday and Saturday has not melted much. The biting easterly wind meant that there was no point in trying to do anything outside, to keep warm one had to put on too many layers.

However, we did have a few hours of bright sunshine which meant that out of the wind the temperature got quite high. Some signs of spring I think.

Anyway, when we got back from our short walk this morning I decided that the best thing to do was to sit in the lounge a photograph the birds in the garden. A fairly easy task once you had realised that sitting against the window just frightened them all away and that they would (almost deliberately it felt) hide behind tree branches or up the far end of the garden, only infrequently coming into range of my trusty point and shoot and even then bouncing around all over the place just to make life difficult.

However, as the gallery above shows, we had quite a few different birds at one time or another.

One thing that the cold weather has done this year is to bring us some birds that we don’t see very often and to keep others that we do see in the winter but not for long. So I was surprised to still see Waxwings (no photo we saw them when we were walking around and I didn’t have my camera); Redwings and Fieldfares as well as the more common birds. No sign of most of the Tit family though, despite putting out more seeds for them.

Hope you like the pictures


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