Preparing the Allotment

I went to the allotment for a couple of hours this afternoon. The morning started cold and miserable but after lunch it brightened up a bit so I decided that a couple of hours at the allotment would be a good idea.

As I said in the description of our allotment, we’ve divided it up into beds about 5 or 6 feet wide with paths in between them. The idea is that, without a rotovator, we only dig and manure the bits of the allotment that are going to grow crops, rather than digging the whole lot and then not using some of it. The paths are just bare ground and up until last year, haven’t been a problem. However, last year the grass on the paths grew vigorously and we spent quite a lot of time just cutting the grass to try and stop it growing into the cropping beds. My solution was to buy 100m of weed suppressant fabric to put on the paths so that the grass will be killed off and nothing will grow there.

So today, I went to start putting it down. It was quite simple really, the paths are well established and all I had to do was to dig the beds away from the edge of the path and fix the fabric over the edge and down a little so that the edge can be buried below the soil level.

Two pictures showing before and after which took about 20 minutes and hopefully will significantly reduce the amount of non-productive time at the allotment this year.

The only problem (if it was a problem) was just how wet and soggy the ground is. The odd picture shows one corner of one of the beds after I’d dug out the channel to fit the fabric. About 4 inches down, I hit water and it was just draining into it from all directions. I’ve never known the ground so waterlogged, ever.

I bought the weed suppressant from Harrod Horticultural, a company that I’ve used a few times and seem to be quite good.

I noticed that they’ve got a couple of Voucher Codes on at the moment valid until 31st March 2013:

  1. Free delivery on orders over £50 if you use the code WGPOST and follow this link Harrod Horticultural


  1. Half price savings on selected netting packs. 4m x 3m Soft Mesh Butterfly Netting Pack (GNE-350) – NOW £4.35; and
  2. 2m x 5m Insect Mesh Netting Pack (GNE-036) – NOW £6.25. 2m x 10m Insulating Fleece Pack (GNE-064) – NOW £4.50.

If you follow this link Harrod Horticultural and use the voucher code WGNET.


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