Muddy Trek around Nottingham Tramworks

Yesterday, despite the rain, we went out for a walk around the NET2 Tramworks in Toton. The extension to the tram in Nottingham is due to be completed and up and running by the end of 2014 (yes there is at least another 18 months of work to be completed. The three photos of mud were taken just down from the main works where the terminus was originally planned to be put.

They’ve spent months digging up the roads and ripping out trees and all we have at the moment is a muddy path, many meters wide across what used to be farmland. I don’t have a problem with building public transport (we’re lucky in that our house hasn’t (yet) been affected by any of the proposed works), it just seems to take forever to build and there doesn’t seem to be any joined-up thought as to what will need to be done.

A couple of years ago, they rebuilt the roundabout on the A52 near where the new tram terminus is going to be built but they’re going to have to rebuild it again before the new terminus is complete because it won’t take the traffic load in its current design.

Now they’re planning HS2 with the “East Midlands Hub” just over the hill from the tram terminus but on the other side of new housing also being proposed and with yet another roundabout to be constructed on the roads. Why couldn’t they join it together and put the new terminus at the HS2 Hub? Or better still, why isn’t the HS2 hub at East Midlands Parkway a new railway station that they built only a couple of years ago with connections already to the M1??


Sorry – end of rant.


The other pictures are Lichen growing on the trees which we saw on our walk. The weather has been so wet that the lichen is growing strongly, its also a sign of how unpolluted our atmosphere is.



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