Visit to Hampton Court and Wisley

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This week we went down to Surrey to have a wander around and to go to Wisley to join the RHS. Whilst it was cold (this year doesn’t seem to be warming up) and windy, it was at various times quite sunny. You could tell how cold it was when the early risers at our hotel were scraping the ice off their car windows at 6.00am. Nonethe less we had a nice time.

The three pictures today are:

  • Rabbits: that were playing in a garden around the back of Hampton Court. We walked up the river a bit and I was surprised to see that the rabbits didn’t seem to care much about the people walking about. I would have expected them to be more scared. However, this picture was taken through a locked garden gate – maybe they knew there was no chance of us getting any closer;
  • Parakeets: these are established escapees and not unusual to see. You can here them all over the place but this picture was taken at the back of the hotel into a nearby garden where the birds were feeding on a bird feeder. Whether we should like the parakeets or treat them as an invasive pest depends upon whether they are driving out native birds which I will admit I don’t know; and
  • A flower at Wisley: We decided to re-join the RHS (we’ve been members before but there are only limited places to visit) because we hope to be going down to Surrey a few more times in the year and it gives us somewhere to walk. The gardens at Wisley were being tidied up ready for Easter I suppose but the big greenhouse had quite a few plants flowering. When you see a place like this, it makes you quite envious. I sometimes wish I could have a huge greenhouse (and the money to run it effectively).

That’s all, we’re back home and the weather continues to be wet and cold, when will spring start?



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