Itchy Fingers

Its at this time of year that I am glad that I always buy too many pea seeds to grow at the allotment each year. Its early March and the days are beginning to get longer but the heavy clay soil at the allotment is still waterlogged and cold. I’m digging it and breaking it up but there’s no way that its fit for anything to be planted, even the broad beans and garlic that were planted at the end of last year are looking sad, but I’m itching to sow something.

So what I do is to fill some four foot lengths of old gutters with riddled compost (I did this last autumn and the compost has been sat in buckets and bags in the greenhouse over the winter) and sow some of those excess peas in the gutters.

When they germinate, I can either:

  1. Transfer them to the allotment as a complete thing and transfer them into the ground giving them an early start; or
  2. Use them as pea shoots giving a boost to the lettuce from the polytunnel which is getting a little old and decrepit.

Either way, it satisfies my desire to get some plants going without wasting fresh new seeds or compost if they don’t grow. It will delay me another day whilst the weather improves the soil.

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