Walk at Markeaton Park and Bees in the Garden

Yesterday morning we went to Markeaton Park in Derby. The weather was lovely and sunny a real early spring day. (I learned from the weather forecast that the 1st of March is meteorologically the first day of spring, I always thought it was later but one lives and learns). All the children about on their bikes and scooters meant that there weren’t many birds to photograph so all I got was this pair of Canada Geese having an argument.

However, when we got back, the weather remained beautiful so I got some photos of insects around the garden. I was surprised to see bees collecting pollen from the crocuses so I thought I would share the photos with you. If you look carefully, you can see the pollen sacs full of pollen on their hind legs.

Anyway, its been a lovely couple of days, continuing the sunny dry last couple of weeks of February and we went down to the allotment to turn over the soil in the vegetable beds and to move some compost to improve the soil. The soil at the allotment is heavy clay and, whilst it grows brassicas and sweetcorn well, it makes it difficult for root crops. The weather was so wet last year that all of the compost we’ve put in over the last few years has been washed out, returning the beds to their original state. We’ll have to dig in a lot more compost to improve the soil again.

Immediate news. As I was sitting at the desk wondering what to write, I saw the sparrowhawk again. It obviously likes it around here.



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