A trip to Carsington Water: Mallards, Geese and other birds

Catkins  Coots Pussy Willow

Today we went for a walk around one of our favourite places, Carsington Water. This reservoir is not used directly to supply water, but is used to maintain the level of the River Derwent so that water extraction can take place lower down. However, enough random information.

After a light lunch, we went for a walk around the reservoir and were amazed that, despite the piles of snow still around, signs of spring were about. The Catkins and Pussy Willow were beginning to show and the birds were starting to show off for mates.

There were large numbers of ducks out in the middle of the reservoir (too far away to work out what they were) but around the edge, the Coots were showing off, preening and chasing each other about and the Mallards were following any females who looked like they might be interested (in this picture the four males are after a female off to the right and she definitely wasn’t interested.

On the way back we bought another birdbox for the garden and the onions and shallots for our allotment. We’ve now got all our seeds and are eager to start getting them put into the ground but … patience is a virtue and we’ve found over the years that putting things in too early doesn’t make them grow better. The right time is always the best.

Canada Geese  Pied Wagtail Mallards


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