Brown Bread

Brown Loaf

Brown Loaf

We’ve decided to try and make some of our own bread. For some unknown reason, the bread at the local supermarket seems to have become soggy and tasteless (maybe it always was but we didn’t notice).

We used to make bread using a bread machine but that became unreliable and frequently the results were not good. This isn’t the first loaf we have made but the first in our new loaf tin.

The flour “Four Grain” is from Tuxford Mill and we bought it recently at West Bridgeford Farmers Market. We probably should have opted for a simpler recipe because instead of the 3.5 – 4 hours that it said it should take, it took 7 hours altogether because it took a long time to rise. I think it was a combination of it not being warm enough and not starting the yeast before adding it to the mixture.

Anyway, we’ve promised ourselves that we will make it again, modifying the way that we add the yeast to see if it makes a difference.

Not going to put the recipe at this stage (as there are plenty of bread recipes available) but if we get better success next time then I’ll tell you what we did.



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