Aconites, Snowdrops & Bullfinches

snowdrops  Aconites DSCN3892

After yesterday’s bright sunshine and snow, the pessimist in me assumed that today would be windy and wet. But no, the day dawned with bright blue skies, the snow all melted and the temperature rising. It was windy and so I didn’t expect there to be many birds about.

So I wandered around the garden to see what there was and I must say I was pleased to see the first signs of the end of winter, aconites and snowdrops pushing their way above the ground. I love aconites, their bright yellow colours sing out when the sun shines on them and their late winter flowers broadcast signs of things soon to come.

Snowdrops sometimes push their way through the snow but this year the snow has gone away (hopefully not to return) leaving them showing just above the ground.

We returned from our short walk and I looked out into the garden to see this pair of bullfinches, proud as you please, on the feeders hanging on despite the wind swinging them round and round in circles. They sat there happy as you please for quite some time driving off other, more timid, birds trying to get to the seeds and nuts.


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