Goldfinch on Niger Seeds

Goldfinch on Niger Seeds

I can’t say I was expecting to make a post today, I assumed that because this weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, the weather would be bad and their wouldn’t be many birds to see.

However, the opposite has been the case. Sitting in the lounge watching the snow melting in the bright sunshine we seem to have had a plethora of birds. I will admit that I filled up all the feeders but previous years have all be blustery and wet this weekend and we’ve not seen many birds.

Most of the birds seemed very skittish, dodging about grabbing seeds or nuts and then going away. The only one who seemed prepared to sit and be photographed was the Goldfinch. They are different feeders, spending upwards of 15 minutes eating seeds from the niger feeder.

Throughout the day, the birds have been coming down to the feeders and the pond, only occasionally frightened off by people walking their dogs over the back. The Jays have been competing with the grey squirrels for the peanuts and the tits have been bouncing in and out of the feeders.

Today we saw (deep breath): Jays; Magpies; Blue Tits; Great Tits; Coal Tits; Bullfinches; Chaffinches; Goldfinches; Crows; Wood Pigeons; Stock Doves; Greater Spotted Woodpeckers; Robins; Blackbirds and (just as it was starting to go dark) a flock of Redwings. Almost the complete set of birds that we see in the garden.

I took a few pictures, but I think I’m going to have to look for a new camera, the one I’ve got is a perfectly good 16megapixel “point and shoot” but I need to get a much better zoom to be able to get in really close.

Hopefully the weather will now begin to brighten up, warming the soil and polytunnel ready for the new year in vegetables. I need to get out and look see how all the various things are getting on and begin to prepare the ground for the new year.



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