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Fennel Seed Bread Rolls

Our meal tonight was Chicken & Bacon Salad. This is one of my favourite meals and is best with ciabata bread. So, in line with the ongoing proposal, today was the day to make ciabata for the first time. All … Continue reading

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There I was wondering what I would post today when this sparrowhawk flew into view solving my problem. Everything else vanished immediately (as you would expect). The sparrowhawk sat quietly for a couple of minutes and then flew away looking … Continue reading

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Brown Bread

We’ve decided to try and make some of our own bread. For some unknown reason, the bread at the local supermarket seems to have become soggy and tasteless (maybe it always was but we didn’t notice). We used to make … Continue reading

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Allotment – Last of the Parsnips

A bit of a different topic today. Yesterday was very windy and wet at various times but this morning came with grey skies but no wind or rain. So we decided we would pop over to the allotment and see … Continue reading

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Aconites, Snowdrops & Bullfinches

  After yesterday’s bright sunshine and snow, the pessimist in me assumed that today would be windy and wet. But no, the day dawned with bright blue skies, the snow all melted and the temperature rising. It was windy and … Continue reading

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I can’t say I was expecting to make a post today, I assumed that because this weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, the weather would be bad and their wouldn’t be many birds to see. However, the opposite has … Continue reading

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Bullfinch – Yet another colourful bird

For the last post before the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, I give you the Bullfinch. Like many other birds in the garden, we’ve seen them before but this year we seem to have a resident pair (you can tell the … Continue reading

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Jays Collecting Peanuts

The poor weather continues, the snow doesn’t seem to want to melt. But it certainly seems to have increased the variety of birds visiting the garden. Today features the Jay which seem to be searching around in the garden for … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Soup & Bread

There’s not a lot nicer on a cold and snowy day than a bowl of homemade soup. Although I do think we have gone one better here by having homemade soup using (mainly) homegrown ingredients and accompanying it with homemade … Continue reading

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Birds in the Garden – Redwings and Fieldfares

The snow remains so there’s still not much to do in the garden. We live in the suburbs but are lucky because our garden backs on to a copse of trees and open ground. We therefore get a wide range … Continue reading

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